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Most Companies Track Only Results, We Track Effort!

 Coaching Fees Structure



1.One on One Coaching in Dealership - requires one day of prep @ $500.00 +GST


2. Timed Segments for follow-up Coaching / mentoring (requires access to log) Min 6 month commitment

$1000.00 +GST


$65.00 +GST per

 Per day


Half Hour

Participants Books and Hand Outs

$65.00 +GST

Per person

Travel Expeses (Air,Hotel,Travel own vehicle, Travel Rental Vehicle, Meals)


Group Workshops - requires one day of prep @ $500.00 +GST (One Day Minimum)

$1,000.00 +GST

Per Day

Sales Floor Coaching - requires one day of prep @$500.00 +GST (depending on location 1/2 day may be considered)

$1,000.00 +GST

Per Day

Sales Management Coaching - requires one day of prep @ $500.00 + GST *Except Specialised LEADERSHIP Coaching, see below.

$1,000.00 +GST

Per Day

"What Is Leadership" Workshop (See Below for fee structure) (Tavel and meals are separate)

TBD based on Participants

WHAT IS LEADERSHIP - Workshop (3) day min.

All attendees that successfully completing the training will achieve eLeaderTech® What is Leadership?™ Leadership Certification


Day 1 – 8.5 Hours

Module 1: What is Leadership? – 6.0 Hours

Module 2: The Cycle of Success – 2.5 Hours

Day 2 – 8.5 Hours

Module 3: Management by Strengths (MBS) – 2.5 Hours

Module 4: Managing the eLeaderTech® Five Guest Competencies – 2.5 Hours

Module 5: Interviewing for Success – 2.5 Hours

Module 6: Onboarding – 1.0 Hour

Day 3 – 8.5 Hours

Module 7: Coaching, Mentoring, Inspiring – 7.5 Hours

Wrap Up – 1.0 Hour

FEES See below for full Fee Structure - eLeadership Traning and Technology

eLeaderTech Fee Structure (subj to change)