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Most Companies Track Only Results, We Track Effort!

Professional Service

With over 30 years of Professional Sales experience, and hundreds of hours of facilitation and leadership, I have the ability to make a positive change and help your 'Team' produce better results.

Mark Twain was once asked, "What makes a difference when looking for a Facilitator?"

His answer; "Choose someone who is capable of empowering rather than just telling." 

Lead Sales Performance Coach


[email protected]

[email protected]

Mailing Address -

#138 210 A - 12A Street North

Lethbridge, Alberta. Canada T1H-2J1

Training and Coaching are not Destinations

Make a positive impact for you and your Team today, book my services!

[email protected] or [email protected]

Hi I’m Will Slattery CSP, CSL

Certified Sales Professional / Certified Sales Leader

I hold a CSP w/ Distinction in Sales from The Canadian Professional Sales Association;

                        (CSP) Certified Sales Professional; 'Distinction' comes from obtaining a mark higher than 85% - Testing, (3) parts- Written Exam, Oral Exam,  

 and Roll-Playing

Recently obtaining a CSL Designation; Certified Sales Leader, also from the Canadian Professional Sales Association

I am a Certified Adult Instructor / Facilitator; earned from the LANGEVIN Group Train the Trainer Worldwide

Earned a Certificate of Completion from KISON Growth Through Learning development in Selling Skills - Modules 1,2,&3

I have earned many accolades for sales achievement in growth and customer satisfaction 

My sales beliefs are:

°  "There are four cornerstones necessary for Sales Success: ‘Assess, Coach, Sustain, and Measure."

°  'Consultative Selling Process’ must be implemented to achieve a successful outcome.

My sales Motto is:

°  To help sales people perform at their best, with passion and purpose and to continue to improve.

My Professional goal:

°  “Success in sales is achieved when you help a probable purchaser make an informed decision in the buying process”

Contact me: Will Slattery CSP "I am here to help and make a difference!"


°  Professional Sales Training and Coaching

One on One Coaching

°  One Day Workshops

°   Multi-Day Coaching and Training Events

°   Beginner Workshops

°   Team Building and Leadership

°   Phone Handling Techniques

°   Private Sales Events, (Professional Association Affiliates)

°   F&I Sales Training and Coaching

°   Sales Floor Training and Coaching

°   Gene

3-Day Leadership Certification Seminar Course Outline

"What Is Leadership" Workshop

DAY ONE – 8.5 Hours

Module 1: What is Leadership? – 6.0 Hours  The Human Factor – How are we stuffed? To Win or Lose?  Finding out what you WANT – Developing your Purpose  How to develop a Specialized Talent Team – the HUB of Leadership  Actions backed with Faith – Gaining the Discipline to get things Done  Achieving your Readiness Level – Finish as Strong as you Start  Pleasing Personality – Your personality is the one thing you cannot afford to neglect!  Management of Time – Time blocking for Success 

Module 2: The Cycle of Success – 2.5 Hours  Does Training Really Work? – What makes training work and STICK  The People Equation – Capital + Talent = Success  Culture – Creating the “Non-Drifter” Culture  Theme – Theming for Success  Process – Executing the Cycle of Success

DAY TWO – 8.5 Hours

Module 3: Management by Strengths (MBS) – 2.5 Hours  Temperament Profiling – Our challenge is to recognize and appeal to the other person’s temperament  Direct  Extroverted  Paced  Structured  MBS Profile Report – Self, Adjustment, and Role  MBS Combinations 

Module 4: Managing the eLeaderTech® Five Guest Competencies – 2.5 Hours  1 - Internet Follow-Up  2 - Inbound Phone Calls  3 - The Guest Visit  4 - Business Development Center (BDC)  5 - The Service Visit  Rotation – How to manage and develop your Specialized Talent Team

Module 5: Interviewing for Success – 2.5 Hours  Structure of an Interview – 15/15/15  Do’s and Don’ts  Role Play 

Module 6: Onboarding – 1.0 Hour  Welcome  History  Mission/Vision or Theme  What to Expect  Onboarding Training Schedule  Clap IN – Intro to Competency Team

DAY THREE – 8.5 Hours

Module 7: Coaching, Mentoring, Inspiring – 7.5 Hours  Impact of a Leader  Coaching Foundation  What is Coaching?  What is Mentoring?  What is Inspiring?  What is Personal Mastery?

Wrap Up – 1.0 Hour