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Most Companies Track Only Results, We Track Effort!

Good morning Will!

I wanted to thank you again for hosting the F&I training session for the Medicine Hat Auto dealers in August and wanted to inform you that we have seen a increase in Credit Insurance sales as a result!

One dealer in particular has a YTD Insurance penetration of 14% - Their August penetration was 29%!

Thanks again for your help and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Ryan Sparks

District Manager – South & North-East Alberta

MDA Services Ltd.

Mobile: (780) 499-1628

[email protected]

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Customer Testimonials

7/24/2019 12:17 PM

Hi Ron Gibson

Further to our conversation of last week the following Scorecard reflects overall improvement in the Business Office performance for July 2019, +$300.00 per car compared to the rest of the year. 

This includes over $14,000.00 in Insurance Sales for July, $43,219.00 total January to June.

Performance by Business Manager shows significant improvement from Stacy, an increase of over $450.00 per car and she is the sole contributor to July Insurance Sales. Conversely Arsh is up $100.00 per car with significant improvement in Warranty Sales (+28% New and +27% Used).

The Will Slattery mentoring program I am confident has contributed to this improvement.

We will continue to monitor and report the progress.


Dave Jones

Vice President – Sales and Operations

MDA Services Ltd.

Suite 220, 9440 – 49 Street

Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2M9

Cell: 250-470-8728 | Office: 780-229-3344

Office Toll Free: 1-800-661-6926

[email protected]

Good afternoon Jodie

I’ve recently reviewed your Credit Insurance penetration and noticed a substantial increase in the months following the St. Paul training with Will Slattery!

October 1 2018 – Present

New life – 19%

New Dis – 17%

Used Life – 21%

Used Dis – 36%

Very strong numbers! Thank you for your business and support!

Ryan Sparks

District Manager – South & North-East Alberta

MDA Services Ltd.

Mobile: (780) 499-1628

[email protected]

Good afternoon Cindy

I’ve recently reviewed your Credit Insurance penetration and noticed a substantial increase following the training in St. Paul with Will Slattery!

October 1 2018 – Present

New life – 22%

New Dis – 19%

Used Life – 10%

Used Dis – 40%

Very strong numbers! Thank you for your business and support!

Ryan Sparks

District Manager – South & North-East Alberta

MDA Services Ltd.

Mobile: (780) 499-1628

[email protected]

St Eugene G&CC Cranbrook BC

Achieving F&I Excellence Workshop July 2018

Hi Will!

I was able to use some of your ideas & verbiage from the course and sold my first Credit Life AND Credit A&H policy this week! It felt quite natural and the customer could see the benefit and was happy that they could get that kind of coverage.

Thank you!

Lita Richards, B.ABusiness ManagerCastle Ford Sales403.627.4461 

Good afternoon,

I will start off by saying it was one of the better courses I’ve attended. I appreciate that you kept us engaged and kept on pace. The course material was informative and reinforced that we are doing the right thing our dealership. I walked away with a few things I will use, therefore, to me, the course was worthwhile.


: Ann Hoodicoff 

Financial Services Manager

Denhum Ford (BC)


Thank you very much for your time on 17th. I really enjoyed your course.

And the old saying is correct. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

I was wandering if you could send me a new Explaining Factory Coverage folders as the

One I have, the Powertrain picture is backwards. The picture just doesn’t look right.

I looking forward to my new success.


Alisha Carver

Finance Manager

Sun Valley Nissan

Good afternoon Will,

Thank you very much for your postcard. I think of you now and then, especially when I drive in front of Freshi.

We are doing relatively well, thanks for asking. Year to date May, we sold 31 units combined new and used. For the past 3 months we reached the 40 units mark . I can’t wait for the magic number (as per Jacob) 45-50! Until then, I’m still not able to justify a 2nd full time business manager. 

Kathie now takes and extra day off instead of an income increase. She is doing quite well, her numbers are up and her paperwork is great!

Our sales people, we still have the same 3: Ryan King, Adam Choi and Clayton Grenier are a wonderful team. They are pro-active and work very well with F & I . On a scale of 1-10, I give them a 9.

Thanks to you, they are especially good at planting the seed on Extended warranties!

Our sales Manager, Ernesto Flores is a champion at obtaining vehicles on order. We consistently have inventory issues because Subaru can’t provide the demand. If we had more stock we could sell more units.

Despite having 20% less finance penetration than the rest of our group, Nissan and GMC, F & I is also doing relatively well. Our lowest finance penetration of the year was March, 19% finance penetration. Needless to say that I was extremely alarmed! I stressed it out to our Gm because this was the highest I’ve ever seen! He touched base with Subaru Canada’s head office and confirmed that we, Scott Subaru had the lowest finance penetration within Canada that month. Despite all the above, our DPC on both new and used combined is only around $300 lower than the rest of our group and is often higher than other imports.   

 just finished talking with Ryan Diachok and Ernesto Flores. I was mentioning the benefits your training had on our sales floor and planting the seed on Extended warranty. Sometime ago, you mentioned a free training session for sales. Is that still on? If so, we would like to have our sales associates trained to sell on payments/cash conversion. That could only happen, if possible, during the first week of January.

Let me know how you’re doing as well and t

hanks for all your help.

Kind regards,

Carmen Dufresne

"Focus on the Customer "

It is Scott Subaru's policy to

discuss finance and Extended warranty options in person only.

Financial Services Manager


Direct Line:(403) 356-6854

Fax: 403-356-6870

Toll Free:1-888-699-7419

[email protected]




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Hello all. Date June 21st 2:31PM

Wow, what a great job since last Wednesday's training by Will. There has been about $15000 worth of Insurance premium sold on 10 deals with 7 of the deals having either a Credit Life or Credit Accident and Health policy on it!!!! Congratulations on a great job.

Thank you for your effort!

Lorelei Parker

District Manager

Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island


From: Lori Lynch

Date: 3/10/2014

Subject: Very Happy

just wanted to tell you how great I think

'Will' was, an informative and inspirational teacher. I was brand new when I took the training and without him I would have had a much tougher start.

Hello Will

Thanks again for sharing you knowledge at the course. I found it extremely beneficial.

I am working on revising our credit app forms. Would it be possible to obtain a digital copy of the form you presented us in class and/or excel copies of "good ones"?

Greatly appreciated.




Paul Sinclair I Financial Services Manager


262109 Balzac Blvd

Balzac, AB T4B 2T3

Phone: 403-207-16661 Fax: 403-272-6700


Rahul Hastir [[email protected]]

9:53 AM

Slattery, Will

Good Afternoon Will,

I have attended 5 day workshop in September. I just wanted to let you know that I'm having huge success regarding helping many customer with insurances. Thank you so much for all the help & the training. Couldn't ask better 5 day workshop you have provided.

Thanks again. Regards,

Rahul Hastir

From: Bryan Murphy

6:18 PM

To: Johnson, Colin; Sanscartier, Josee

Cc: Hebebrand, Blair

Subject: RE: June 25 - 1 Workshop

Hi Josee, Colin and Blair,

I just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation for the F&l workshop that was held today in Oakville.

Will's training is so down to earth and direct in his approach it was very easy to experience the buyers emotions in the F&l office. He is amazing in presenting the psychology of the business office experience that the increased depth in product knowledge from today and a few silver bullets are sure to be key in my future turnovers.

As always thanks for all you do to support us in the business office.



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